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Amenities > Restrooms & Pump-Outs

We have two floating sanitary pump outs with bathrooms, two potty dumps, one electric drive portable and pump out boat.

Waterloo is located inside the Port by the main gate and has three full unisex bathrooms with showers, on board pump out with side tie and potty dump. Showers cost $.25 for four minutes and will accumulate time with more coins added.

Miniloo is located at the end of the east breakwater and has one unisex bathroom, pump out and potty dump. You can side tie on the pumpout float or on the outside of the breakwater and pull the hose across.

Portable is located on I-dock next to the Waterloo and can only be used on the main docks. Members can use it for free after getting operating instructions from Port Personnel.

Pumpout Boat is not free and there is a small fee if you hold the working end and a large fee if we do everything. On every Wednesday we pump out all tenant boats that have called in. Guest boat can call any day during work hours and depending on personnel we will make every effort to satisfy your request. To make an appointment call the Port Office at: 360-692-5498

Port Office has Male and Female restrooms with showers down stairs. Showers cost $.25 for four minutes and will accumulate time with more coins added. 
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