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The Port has both a waterfront park and an upland park. The on the water park is a long grassy area adjacent to convenient parking. The park also has numerous picnic tables and personal barbeques can be used in this area. The Burke Bay Overlook Park offers a spectacular view of the marina, Bainbridge Island, and Port Orchard Passage.  Overlook Park also has a gazebo, picnic tables, fire pit, small barbeques, horseshoe area and we will be glad to set up the badminton net. As a member of the Washington Water Trails Association we allow camping in the park for people who arrive in “beach-able human or wind powered vessels.” There is a usage fee for reserving use of the upland park with a discount for Port tenants and constituents of the Port district. Scheduling and coordination are done at the Port office. There is a fee for the large gas barbeque which includes propane and cleanup, all you have to do is use it and leave it.