Waiting List

Part III
Waiting List Policy Statement

The following policy statement is taken from the Port Of Brownsville Rules and Regulations Section V approved by the
Port Commission on 10 November 1999

1. Port policy is to process the waiting list by the following priority method:

Priority One:  applicants who already have a permanent slip assigned but want to change berths.
Priority Two:  applicants who reside within the Port District.
Priority Three:  all other applicants.

2. Each priority category will be processed by the date a properly completed application is filed and waiting list fee paid to the Port office.

3. Each waiting list applicant must fill out a waiting list form and pay a onetime non-refundable fee.  Applicants must renew their application every two years; failure to do so will cause their name to be dropped from the waiting list.

4. If a person does not accept a slip when it becomes available, that person may reapply their waiting list deposit and return to the bottom of the waiting list on one occasion.  The new seniority date will be the date of re-application.  If, after a second notification, the person still does not accept they will be dropped from the waiting list and their deposit forfeited.  No new application from such person will be accepted for twelve months.

5. Applicants shall keep the Port advised of current address and telephone numbers.

6. Per section VID, a berth assignment may be transferred with the sale of the vessel of record or privately owned boathouse providing the vessel is in compliance with the Ports Rules and Regulations section IV subparagraphs A and B, boathouses must be in compliance with Port boathouse specifications and standards.  Port approval is required prior to any transfer.